Business Writing

The minute you are assigned the task of writing a business document does your mind begin to look for ways to weasel out of the job? Probably, but as a manager you’re stuck with the task. This class concentrates on the essentials of effective business communication. We begin with paragraphs and learn paragraph construction. We then move on to formatting business letters and emails. 

The core of the class is learning to create effective business letters and emails. We must first identify our reader's (or customer’s) needs and expectations. We look at the three different types of emails and how to choose the appropriate one. We learn techniques for achieving clarity and precision. We conclude the module by looking at letters and emails with specific goals: the sales email, the proposal, the executive summary, getting meetings, saying no gracefully, and getting people to respond to your emails. 

The class concludes with techniques for editing and proofreading the final version.

Class Outline

Module One: Constructing Paragraphs
The Basic Parts
Active and Passive Voice
Organization Methods
Writing Effective Topic Sentences
Communicate What Your Reader Needs to Know
How to Use Linking Words and Phrases in Sentences and Paragraphs

Module Two: Business Letter Format
The Basic Structure
Types of Letters

Module Three: Business Email Format
The Basic Structure
The Importance of Subject Lines
Proper Use of Bullet Points
Powerful Openings and Closings

Module Four: Creating Effective Business Letters and Emails
Identifying Your Reader's Needs and Expectations
Different Types of Emails
Writing Effective Emails
Techniques for Achieving Clarity and Precision in Business
Writing How to Write a Sales Email
How to Write a Proposal Email
How to Write an Executive Summary 
How to Get Meetings and Say No Gracefully
How to Get People to Respond to Your Emails

Module Five: Proofreading
Techniques for Editing and Proofreading the Final Version

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Business Writing

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