Leadership Essentials for Senior Managers

In the Leadership Essentials Program students will learn to:

create an inspiring vision of the future for their company,

motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision so they will follow willingly,

provide the information, knowledge, and methods to realize that vision, and

coach and build a team, so it is more effective at achieving the vision.

If your company exhibits any of the following, this course will help you:

Individual managers

  • the absence of trust
  • avoidance of vulnerability
  • becoming too comfortable
  • decision paralysis (lack of decision-making)
  • drama queen mentality
  • indifferent leadership
  • ivory tower effect and walk on water behavior
  • my way or the highway
  • mentality obsession with individual success
  • obsessive-compulsive behavior
  • strategy du jour withdrawal



  • blame and lack of responsibility
  • communication breakdown
  • division, secrets, and mistrust
  • excessive turn-over
  • fixating on past and current problems
  • politics, warring factions
  • poor attitude
  • sacred cows
  • scapegoating and subgroups
  • silo mentality
  • tattling
  • unresolved conflicts
  • workload imbalance


In this course, students will learn how to:

  • identify the dysfunction in their company
  • write an effective mission statement
  • create a Sales and Operations Plan (S&OP)
  • educate your workforce on their role in support of the mission
  • write subordinate mission statements for divisions and departments
  • set S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • create key performance indicators (KPIs) for divisions and departments
  • create job descriptions
  • create KPIs for each job description
  • conduct bottom-up evaluations
  • interpret evaluations and plan reeducation
  • motivate your workforce
  • Item #: ABT0013

Leadership Essentials for Senior Managers

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