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Six Sigma has taken the corporate world by storm and represents the thrust of numerous efforts in manufacturing and service organizations to improve products, services, and processes. Although Six Sigma brings a new direction to quality and productivity improvement, its underlying tools and philosophy are grounded in the fundamental principles of total quality and continuous improvement that have been used for many decades. Nevertheless, Six Sigma has brought a renewed interest in quality and improvement that few can argue with, and has kept alive the principles of total quality developed in the latter part of the 20th Century.  

This three day class shows students the essence and basics of Six Sigma, as well as how Six Sigma has brought a renewed interest in the principles of total quality to cutting-edge businesses. 

Class Outline

‚ÄčPart I: Principles of Six Sigma
Module One:  The Foundations of Six
 Sigma: Principles of Quality Management
Module Two: Principles of Six Sigma 

Part II: Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology
Module Three: Project Organization, 
Selection, and Definition
Module Four: Process Measurement
Module Five: Process Analysis
Module Six: Process Improvement
Module Seven: Process Control

Part III: Additional Topics in Six Sigma
Module Eight: Design for Six Sigma
Module Nine: Implementing Six Sigma

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