Leadership Skills

What does it take to become an effective leader? Is leadership a natural talent or an acquired skill? Is management the same as leadership? What are the differences between tactical and strategically planned leadership styles? If you are looking for an answer to any of the above questions, then you are in the right place. This two day class offers effective skills and practical solutions for successful leadership.

Class Outline

Class Objectives

Module One: The Evolution of Leadership
Defining Leadership
Characteristics of a Leader
Leadership Principles
A Brief History of Leadership
Historical Leaders
Modern Leaders
The Great Man Theory
The Trait Theory
Transformational Leadership

Module Two: Situational Leadership
Situational Leadership: Telling
Situational Leadership: Selling
Situational Leadership: Participating
Situational Leadership: Delegating

Module Three: A Personal Inventory
An Introduction to Kouzes and Posner
Model the Way
Inspire a Shared Vision
Challenge the Process
Enable Others to Act
Encourage the Heart
A Personal Inventory
Creating an Action Plan
Set Leadership Goals
Address the Goals
Seek Inspiration
Choose a Role Model
Seek Experience
Create a Personal Mission Statement

Module Four: Modeling the Way
Determining Your Way
Being an Inspirational Role Model
Influencing Others’ Perspectives

Module Five: Inspiring a Shared Vision
Choosing Your Vision
Communicating Your Vision
Identifying the Benefit for Others

Module Six: Challenging the Process
Developing Your Inner Innovator
Seeing Room for Improvement
Lobbying for Change

Module Seven: Enabling Others to Act
Encouraging Growth in Others
Creating Mutual Respect
The Importance of Trust

Module Eight: Encouraging the Heart
Sharing Rewards
Celebrating Accomplishments
Making Celebration Part of Your Culture

Module Nine: Basic Influencing Skills
The Art of Persuasion
The Principles of Influence
Creating an Impact

Module Ten: Setting Goals
Setting SMART Goals
Creating a Long-Term Plan
Creating a Support System

Module Eleven: Conflict Resolution
An Introduction to Conflict Resolution
The Thomas-Kilmann Instrument
Creating an Effective Atmosphere
Creating Mutual Understanding
Focusing on Individual Needs
Getting to the Root Cause
Generating Options
Building a Solution
The Short Version of the Process
Additional Tools

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Leadership Skills

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