Facility/Property Management
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This all-encompassing course thoroughly illuminates the methods, how-to skills, equipment, and best practices of modern facility/property management and emphasizes the practical operational aspects of sustainable facility/property management. Topics covered include organizational structure; cultural issues associated with facility/property management; career opportunities; financial, construction, and emergency
management; environmental issues; HVAC, energy, and water management; green building; strategic management, and more. Throughout, chapter questions, assignments, photos, and diagrams help students deepen their understanding. These are complemented by many first-hand insights about effective facility/property management. 

Features of the Class:
Comprehensive and up-to-date—helping students master all facets of modern sustainable facilities management, including careers, organizational structure, cultural issues, finance, construction management, handling emergencies, environmental issues, HVAC, energy, water, green building, strategy, and much more.

Practical, operational focus—emphasizing practical how-tos, realistic challenges, and proven solutions throughout, making this class an ideal operational courses in sustainable management. 

Many photos and diagrams throughout—making it easier for students to understand everything from modern equipment to best-practice processes.

Well-designed questions and assignments—promoting critical thinking. 

Expert coverage of crucial recent and emerging trends—including modern green rating systems, facilities management outsourcing, advanced facilities maintenance techniques, budgeting for green initiatives, and preventing cyber-attacks. 

Contains especially thorough coverage of environmental management—including heat reclamation, chilled beam, DCV, and other ventilation/control systems; non-toxic HVAC chemicals; renewable wind, solar, photovoltaic, geothermal, hydro, and fuel cell energy sources; new lighting options; and state-of-the-art water conservation methods, including xeriscaping.

Includes world-class examples and case studies—showcasing the world-famous sustainable design of CH2 in Melbourne, Australia, as well as the fuel cell technology used at the brand-new One World Trade Center

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Facility/Property Management

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